Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies Whos Dated Who or Dating History? Elizabeth Gillies is currently single. Elizabeth Gillies has been in a relationship with Logan Miller (2011).

Elizabeth Gillies Dating History

Elizabeth Gillies Logan Miller

Elizabeth Gillies Whos Dated Who

Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies is a 22-year-old player whose birth date is July 26, 1993. Elizabeth Gillies hang out. Elizabeth Gillies country USA; Haworth is the city of New Jersey.

Information about Elizabeth Gillies, briefly life, how famous? The acting career began with a role in local productions, taking place in different advertising campaigns. In 2007, she starred in The Black Donnellys, a year later starring Shelby Wexler in The Clique. The role of Jade West in the world-famous series Victorious opened the way for Elizabeth Gillies to become a world-renowned actress. Young actress has also appeared in known TV productions such as White Collar and Big Time Rush.

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