Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood is currently dating Sarah Hyland.

1990 born in England, Dominic Sherwood, at the age of 7 he puts his mind being watching an actor with a theater. Drama and the young actor who graduated from the Theatre School Maidstone, begins to take small roles in several films and TV series. Simmons portrayal of the character jack in the series the cut in 2010, the young actor who is acting, two years later, not fade away, the cast of the film include. Comedy, fantasy movie vampire Academy makes a major departure with the type of. Successful Christian Ozera in the film gives life to the character of the players.

God , I luv Shadowhunters and I luv your character ! But I think you are as good as Jamie Campbell when he played Jace in the movie ! I hope after the 13 episodes will come season 2 ! Now I have to wait for the 5th episode.loving the series so far dont take to heart any criticism anyone has because it is great sorry about your broken ankle but you are jace and jace has a lot of danger.

Last night’s episode took everything to a whole new level! For the first time it truly felt like TMI! I’ve loved every minute since episode 1, but there was just always something missing, but last night I felt it! The energy, excitement, adventure, chemistry, violence, magic, sex, danger, humor, love, everything and more!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING US SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW AND BEING THE PERFECT JACE!
But everyone complained about the movie! Here’s your tv serie. Eat it. Love it. Because I loved the movie and now you complain about what you asked for.

I have to say you are a better Jace. But not quite arrogant enough. The girl to who plays Clary not a fan she seems too naive. NOt willing to fight really. Was a bit lost in the first episode but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. Harry Shum was Made to play Magnus Bane. AWESOME.

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