David Beckham

David Beckham

David Beckham is married to Victoria Beckham.

  1. David Beckham – Victoria Beckham
  2. David Beckham – Sarah Marbeck
  3. David Beckham – Celina Laurie
  4. David Beckham – Esther CaƱadas
  5. David Beckham – Rebecca Loos

David Robert Joseph Beckham or David Beckham as it was known, on May 2, 1975 United Kingdom which is connected to the capital of England, was born in London. A former professional footballer David Beckham Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris has the chance to form team in Europe as eminent Saint Germain and Milan. The period is considered to be the most recognizable footballers in the world of football agenda Beckham also very private life with her career was often regarded as occupying a star. 22 years of Premier professional football career League, La Liga, Beckham who find Europe’s most important 4 a chance to form 3 of the league like Serie A football career and a total of $ 350 million along with other opportunities it provides’ health has been a fortune. If a large part of this wealth transfer that has been achieved in the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. His football career began in 1992 with Manchester United, David Beckham is wearing a shirt here for 11 years. This is 11 years divorced from Eric Cantona Beckham started wearing the No. 7 jersey in the coming season, Sir Alex Ferguson has managed to become one of the indispensable secret.

David-Beckham-H-and-M-hair-432 003 years until only 1994/95 season Manchester United to rent as Beckham is wearing a shirt in another club, 11 years a total of 265 Premier League wearing a Manchester United shirt in the match and took 62 goals. Beckham, who has served as a typical midfield wing, Manchester United and many times Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Super Cup winner has lived in England. Moreover, Beckham is an important name in the 1998/99 season, the only team to win the UEFA Champions League trophy in the national team was starved for some. In 2003, 35 million euros from Manchester United Beckham’s transfer to Real Madrid, where the performance of Manchester United did not have any time to access facilities. Beckham of Real Located in the UEFA Champions League with Madrid team were among the names who can not permanently prevent the round of last 16 round. Describing Beckham would leave the club in 2007, he made a 5-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS teams and has announced that it will earn $ 250 million in return.

Real Madrid career, 116 games and 13 goals in La Liga completed the British star is wearing the official uniform as the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. Played soccer with the Los Angeles Galaxy a 5-year period among Europe’s foremost one of the club leased for two consecutive years, 3 months when Beckham this period, a total of 98 times the Los Angeles Galaxy, 29 times is wearing a uniform Milan. In December 2012, separated from the Los Angeles Galaxy in January, Beckham has signed a contract with the French Ligue 1 team Paris Saint-Germain and at the end of this 5-month announced that it has put points on the football contract. Beckham gaining success in this period shows Ligue 1 with Paris, reached a happy ending in de Series 1 times. Beckham ending the career he served a total of 523 league matches and 97 goals once experienced is joy. England national team, Beckham is dressed in the uniform of the 115 times that at 17 goals, but England did not experience any cup victory.

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