Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is currently dating Matthew Hitt.

Dakota Johnson was born in Texas in the United States in October of 1989. He began working as a child model at the age of 12 yet. In 1999, “Crazy in Alabama” Sondra had played the character in a comedy. It was also the first film, which starred Dakota. After a long hiatus, he returned to the big screen in 2010 and “The Social Network” starred in the film. Directed by David Fincher’s The film was followed worldwide and thus Dakota Johnson grabbed the chance to show himself.
After completing his education he is modeling for the clothing company Mango. “The Office” in the final part of the series appeared as a guest player. Then “High School Cops” and “Autos” involved in such blockbuster films Dakota Johnson, the real fame in 2015 “Grey’s fifty Beep” caught thanks to the feature film. The famous actor starred with Jamie Dorman in this film.

Dakota Johnson – Jordan Masterson
Dakota Johnson – Benedict Cumberbatch
Dakota Johnson – Matthew Hitt

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