Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is married to Craig Monk.

Cher Lloyd, born July 28, 1993 Malvern is British rap and pop singer.

His career began joining The X-Factor UK competition. 4. Lloyd finished the contest after contest connected to Sony Music has signed a deal with Syco. In July 2011, ‘Swagger Jagger’ was the first single called off. This song Britain has risen to 1st place in countries such as Ireland. Then on October 31, 2011 ‘With Ur Love’ is doing a duet with Mike Posner has brought the singles. This song was the song that introduced him to the world. After a while, founder of The X-Factor with Simon Cowell’s signature ‘Sticks + Stones’ brought the album. There are a total of 10 songs on the album. Shortly after his release album ‘Want U Back’ 3 increased the singles from the album version, but unlike the single rose in a duet with the young singer Astro. This song rose to the 25th place in the UK charts.

Who wants to achieve success in European countries, America’s eyes glued to China brought the US version of Want U Back songs. This version has earned platinum, selling more than 1 million copies. In addition, this single order in iTunes 7, and rose to number 5 on the Billboard.

Cher’s second studio album, Sticks & Stones US version has removed the label attached on 2 October 2012 Sony Music Epic Records. Album consists of 10 songs, but the album still different from version 1. Dub On The Track and Over The Moon songs instead of Becky G. düetl Oath and Behind The Music has songs.

Also Cher in 2012 ‘Pink Diamond’ has released a perfume named. This has been the best-selling perfume perfume perfume Lady Gaga leaving the UK.

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