Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is married to Mila Kunis.

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Who is Ashton Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher, born in 1978, he has made the transition to television and cinema modellikd American actress. Producer and host of MTV’s most watched program Punk’d prank. Kutcher also acclaimed Butterfly Effect is the lead actor and producer of the film, in 2005, among them 16-year age difference with the famous actor continues his marriage with Demi Moore.

Working with General Mills employee Larry Kutcher Diane Procter & Gamble, one of the children, twins Christopher Ashton Kutcher, Feb. 7, 1978, Cedar Papids, she was born in Iowa.

Twin brother Michael was a heart patient and thirteen, in order to survive, ikhtiyar heart transplant surgery whether even think to be given to the brother of his own heart Christopher, he died passing the crash before getting to the trial was transferred to a woman’s heart, brother.

Illness of his brother during childhood years has led to many family problems and his parents eventually divorce. Kutcher in an interview with him, just because he does not want to go home to listen to more problems and said he is busy with his work. Homestead, a çiftlikd growing Kutcher in Iowa, sweeping places over the years and was earning money by giving blood. In high school, he received a suspended because of the young age to consume alcohol. However, penalties do not care, he was arrested for breaking and entering and theft of his school.

He began after high school to study biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa entered the final but dropped out of the study for a modeling career. Especially underwear model as Kutcher fore, at that time, Chris (Christopher) named because many models have just started using the name Ashton Kutcher.

Celebrity television show That 70’s Show, sitting at a bar for the role of Michael Kelso was discovered and modeled in this way was gone Hollywood career after he really wanted. 2000 The first movie experience made comedy Dude Where Is My Car Kutcher living with, at the MTV movie awards with this film was nominated for the best actor award. 2004 taken quite dramatic acclaimed for her role in the film Butterfly Effect. He also makes the filmmaking was a great success at the box office.

In 2003 he became the executive producer for the MTV show called Punk’d and presenter. 2004 Kid’s Choice Awards, television actress best with That 70’s Show and Punk’d selected. Program with a hidden camera prank involving his many famous people, has achieved high follow-up rates. In 2005, he was executive producer of the reality show called Beauty and the Geek.

January Jones, Ashley Scott, Monet Mazur and living relationship with many celebrities like Kutcher Brittany Murphy, began to emerge from 2003 with Demi Moore. At the end of the 16-year age difference between them is the subject of media relations due to be in 2005, Moore was married to the Jewish Kabbalah religion with an appropriate ceremony. His marriage also has three children of the marriage to Moore, Bruce Willis, which was also his stepfather.

Kutcher is also an Italian restaurant called Dolce and owner of the restaurant named Geisha House Japanese food makes.

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