Amy Lee

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is married to Josh Hartzler.

Lee, the daughter of John Lee and Sara Cargill double. Disc jockey John Lee, mother Cargill is the broadcaster. He has a brother and two sisters. There are actually more than a third sister, but she is suffering from epilepsy and yet three years old (in 1987), his mother lost her bathing left alone for a few minutes to spend while staying out of breath life crisis. Amy Lee has seen his lifeless body and the mind as the excavation work will not forget in his life. He told his mother the following sentences from the songs in Fallen album Hello; “Has no one told you she’s not breathing? Nobody informed you say, he’s not breathing” and The Open Door has songs Like You from the album, Amy Lee has written to his sister that died. Lee has written these songs were made directly referring to the sisters. Lee took piano lessons for nine years. Her family frequently moved often, after Florida and finally settled in Illinois, Arkansas. Evanescence was founded here. After training as it relates to the Pulaski Academy it is known to have graduated from Middle Tennessee State University to go.

  1. Amy Lee – Ben Moody
  2. Amy Lee – Shaun Morgan
  3. Amy Lee – Josh Hartzler

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