Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

Who is Alexandra Daddario? Alexandra Daddario was briefly famous American young actress.

Young artists from the age of 16, is known for its successful performance in the television
series. The original name of the film from the fantastic genre released in 2013. “Percy
Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of ??Monsters” Turkish “Sea of ??Monsters” is the
construction of the highly acclaimed “Annabeth Chase” is recognized by a wide audience with the characters.
Alexandra Daddario was born when? Alexandra Daddario is a player born in 1986. Alexandra Daddario’s birth date is March 16th 1986. Alexandra Daddario age is 28 as of 2014. What is Alexandra Daddario’s your sign? Alexandra Daddario The sign is fish. Alexandra Daddario biography, short life, how was she famous? Alexandra Daddario as the daughter of a mother and father who were both born in 1986, lawyer. The star from the family structure multicultural origins of Czechoslovakia, is based in Ireland and Italy. In 2002, his acting career age 16, 41 years, and the legendary American series “All My  Children” as portrayed in the series entitled “Laurie Lewis” stepped to the character Alexandra Daddario has played a total of 43 sections in the series two years starring.

Alexandra Daddario – Jason Fuchs
Alexandra Daddario – Trey Songz

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  1. Are you seriously saying she dated Trey Songz? Since when? Since you decided to put his name here? They are not even friends. They just worked together in Texas Chainsaw 3D. Her boyfriend right now is Logan Lerman since 2011. And Texas Chainsaw was filmed 2011. Logan was already her boyfriend she even visited the filming set. And we have a picture of him on the set.

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